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Yuuri Makagara's official title is the "Knight of Dust and Sand". She wears rust coloured armour with light brown accents along the rims as well as wields two paired longswords with a sandy-metal colour to them. She has short, sandy hair and leathery tan skin.

Yuuri is a World Knight, one of the few trained so extensively they are recognised as one of the strongest fighters of Dralkion. She acts happy in a frightening way, like when a parent gives you that smile so that you KNOW they're mad at you put won't tell in public. That sort of frightening.


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Yuuri used to be a part of the legion of followers of the King of the Broken Crown before she felt her mind slipping away like sand between her fingers. This woke her from his delusions and forbidden curses long enough to let her barely escape his artificial realm. Her extensive training in the realm left her exhausted but a lot stronger as she was able to train for weeks on end without needing to rest. She learned to bend the smallest bits of the ground to her will and utilises them in both offense and defense.


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  • King of the Broken Crown
  • The Red Queen


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Dust & Sand Manipulation - Yuuri can manipulate dust, sand and most other things like them to her will. However she is most effective with these two.

World's Knighthood - World's Knights are some of the strongest fighters you can ever come across that aren't aided by divine forces.


Strengths Edit

Immunity to Blindness - Yuuri has gotten used to sand in her eyes so much that it doesn't phase her in the slightest anymore than a minor annoyance. She can be blinded by losing eyes and through magic though.

Abundant Training - Yuuri KNOWS her weapons, she KNOWS her limits, her strengths and weaknesses, she's learned all there is to about fighting with what are mere amateurs compared to her abilities.


Weaknesses Edit

Hydrophobia - Water DOES actually hinder her ability to create and manipulate dust and sand, which leaves her with naught but her swords and skills. Still pretty deadly.

Salty - Enough salt near Yuuri, whether it's the mineral or salt water, will be enough to weaken her powers and grinds away at her skin with great power if it's thrown or launched at her.


Consciousness Edit

Knight' Aegis - Being a World's Knight, Yuuri was given one of the best types of consciousness there is to offer; hers is incredibly strong and rebuilds itself incredibly fast, leaving a very little window to get a scratch in.