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Yusoi prefers to wear what she feels to be the comfiest thing she can come up with. As a result she usually wears a baggy, dark fuchsia sweater that falls off her shoulders and a light red vest underneath. She has messy pink hair that points out in every direction and hot pink eyes with dark circles around them. Yusoi also enjoys wearing chokers which make her happy and fit her aesthetic.

Yusoi is ALL about love and romance, in fact it would be hard to talk about anything else with her. She has a habit of creating large dolls of a ship she has and creating fictional events with them in private. She's not really ashamed and may even invite someone to join in if they're unlucky enough to walk in on her.


Backstory Edit

Yusoi is perhaps the only child of the original two Dralkionic deities, for she was born from both Panamea and Anathea before Anathea left for the sky and stars. After this, Yusoi was a bit different; a bit broken. She had radical ideas about love and tends to be unpredictable.


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  • Dralkionic Deities

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  • EvEryOnE!!1!1!

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Fighting Style Edit

Abilities Edit

Emotion Manipulation - Yusoi can alter the emotions of anyone she meets at will.

Romantic Manipulation - Yusoi can create, or destroy, any romantic feelings between two people if she so desires.


Strengths Edit

High Standards - Yusoi is impossible, or at least difficult, to charm or seduce. Even by godly powers.

Voodoo, You Do - The dolls that Yusoi creates can be changed into voodoo dolls if the need arises. However she takes time to make them and cannot create them on the spot.


Weaknesses Edit

Shipping - Yusoi will try to find potential matches for anyone the first time she meets them which can be distracting to her while fighting.

Personal Contact - Yusoi will always go for a hug or any other sign of care from another person, unless she especially despises that person.