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Yazmeen is average height, and average build. Not that you would really be able to ever see her figure. She keeps herself covered completely with her clothes, not wearing anything that shows her figure. She keeps her head covered with a hijab anytime she isn't at home, or she is around people she considers family. Her clothes are always neutral colors, all shades of tan, going from very light to near black. These clothes are always loose and baggy, as to not hug her figure.

Yazmeen is rather pretty, and always has her makeup done to perfection (perks of being a good makeup artist). She has deep brown eyes, which look soft when she's happy, but cold and sharp if she isn't. She has rather tanned skin, because of where she is from, and a rather thick Arabian accent.

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Yazmeen is a very straightforward person. She is rather the opposite of Elio, and is very direct. She is serious, and always genuine about how she feels, rather than just saying what will make others happy. She isn't really one to be excited over something, not really. To get her hyped up would take something very big.

One thing she is passionate about is her religion. She is Muslim and proud to be so, and her faith in this is something that Elio, Kaosu, Laurens and Caoiliann all admire. She is quiet about her faith most of the time, but it's important to her, and not even seeing a goddess would take it away from her.

Yazmeen takes being Kamen Rider Dusk very seriously. She is one of the few female Kamen Riders, and so she wants to prove she's the strongest. She hates the Enhanced with a passion, for reasons which are explained in her backstory. She is a makeup artist, but she sees her proper job is being Kamen Rider, it is who she is.

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