White Gold(known as Chaos Metagross) is a legendary pokémon.


He first started as a simple Beldum owned by Steven, however Steven noticed that Beldum's colour was off, so he abandoned him, thinking he was an other pokémon coloured into a Beldum.

Fifty years after he was abandoned, Beldum evolved into Metang and then finally evolved into a Metagross. Around that time, he met a demon called Red, who captured him with a pokéball.

Metagross was happy he got caught and his new home was Zenith, where he met friends who taught him moves.


Chaos Metagross.

Then after leveling up to Level 100, Metagross evolved into a Mega Metagross, and Metagross was surprised, making his attacks that he learned much more stronger.

After a tough battle with Dark Star, he finished him off with his tackle, then he grew up to Level 200, and evolved into a different Metagross, called Chaos Metagross, becoming bigger.

Red then abandoned White Gold after he called Acacius to a battle.


Chaos Doom Tackle of Death: A 1-hit KO, although can only be used if seriously injured, then can't use it for the rest of the fight, has good accuracy.

Soul Fire of Death: Deals two times the damage of Self-Destruct, but gets injured every time he uses it. Chaos Beam: Deals the same damage as Explosion, except the user doesn't faint.

Hydroxic Poison: Poisons his enemy at the cost of speed.

Dark Recover: Recovers half of the user's HP.

Steel Shell: Increases defense by 70% after being used.


Weak to all types of fire.

Very heavy and big, so he can't go through smaller gaps and can't climb walls.

Horrible speed.

Very bad evading(even most innacurate attacks have a high chance hitting him).


He is the first legendary Metagross, and the first one to have a trainer that is not a human.

Depsite him being big and heavy, he is still very sneaky.

His friends are: Hydra, Dark Star, SCP-173, Festus and Chicachu.

Before he was abandoned, his master used to be Red.

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