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Description Edit

 Viana is the ultimate edgelord, just to clear that up. She doesn't like talking to most people unless she has to, but she absolutely loved talking to Jaka back when she would talk for hours and still tries on a regular basis to start a conversation. Her only goals are to do her job well and find Jaka's soul to return it to her.

A fashionista is not something that you would call Viana by a long shot. She wears a very restricted wardrobe containing many variants of the colour grey, perhaps around fifty shades, and all in long robes with a hood that cast a shadow over her face so it can't be seen. On the plus side it is REALLY fluffy and soft despite its looks. Not many people know what Viana looks like under her hood and it's not something many people are willing to chance their arm to find out.

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Relations Edit


  • Kalif
  • Panamea


  • None

Romantic Interests

  • Jaka (Crush)


  • None


  • Atira