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Usnavii has very pale skin with bright blue eyes accompanied by very dark navy hair. He almost always has a somewhat stern expression on his face. To further accentuate his colour scheme, and as a memoir of his own home, he always wears a blue headband across his forehead with a small, sky blue gem in the centre as his brother and sister do. 

Usnavii is a perfectionist, and a bit of a tosser. He always wants things to be perfect regardless of who gets hurt or upset along the path. His stubbornness is so intense that he WILL have what he seems to be perfection. 

Backstory Edit

Usnavii Kierek is the human name of the Keeper of Space, one third of a ninth dimensional entity that travelled to the third dimension. He followed quickly in pursuit of his brother, Addam Kierek; Fool of Time, alongside his sister, Gerakki Kierek; Dancer of Force.


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  • Addam Kierek
  • Gerakki Kierek

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Meta-Cosmokinesis - Usnavii has the ability to manipulate space in every reality, in any form.  

Space Generation/Depletion - Usnavii can create, and destroy, space itself at will, as well as fill it with particles or empty it into a vacuum.  


Strengths Edit

Space-Clones - Usnavii can drag different versions of anyone else from a different dimension in space.

Expansion/Reduction - Usnavii can change the size and shape of things by altering how much space they take up.


Weaknesses Edit

Paradox - Usnavii cannot afford to have someone he takes from a dimension die, and will risk himself to get them back as safely as possible.

Perfectionist - Everything Usnavii does must be perfect, otherwise he'll simply redo what he's done and try again which may leave him open or predictable.