Withered Death

aka E̢̡̨̨͈͍̦̳͕̣̗͟r̷̭̰͉̱̥̦̥̻̹̺̬͉̕͜͠ͅͅͅr̜̤͈̜̪͢

  • I live in Why do you want to know that?
  • My occupation is Death
  • I am Death
  • Withered Death


    • Alex Finucane 
    • AliceTheNekoOn a lunch break.
    • BB The Enragement Child 
    • BenTheDrowned 
    • Bonnie The King Bunny 
    • Constable Huxley the Horse 
    • Corrupted Springtrap 
    • Crimson HuntressOn a lunch break.
    • FFoxyThePirateFoxOn a lunch break.
    • Foxy the PirateOn a lunch break.
    • FriendMeSebOn a lunch break.
    • GforGolden 
    • Green Creeper 
    • HellFireDarkHound 
    • Homura-chanOn a lunch break.
    • Ijones72On a lunch break.
    • IkerFromSpain 
    • Jacob The FluX Ov3r Ki11 
    • Jillips EntertainmentOn a lunch break.
    • Larken13On a lunch break.
    • Neoninjaboy320 
    • New BonnieOn a lunch break.
    • Nick the Endoskeleton 
    • PierrotEclipse 
    • Ronwellnagales28 
    • Scott Teleringer The Phone Guy 
    • SonicTheEpic 
    • Spring Freddy (Golden Freddy) 
    • The MTF called ScouterOn a lunch break.
    • TheAquuaHybridOn a lunch break.
    • Vinylre…
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