• ONAFSY everyone who's been texting me been saying "you should kill yourself" and "Go die in hell you freak" and..I can"t really ignore it, I know I've been left out in RPs a lot..but...I guess you might not be seeing my tommorow, one, I may be dead, or two, in the hospital

    ONAFSY- see you on Monday!

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    ONAFSY'S RP characters

    June 19, 2015 by ONAFSY

    Ghosty is normally quiet around others and can be bit of a jerk at times, he's 14 and doesn't fall in love quickly, Ghosty is searching for one thing, his sister. Noah. Ghosty's real name is Neo and his last name is Ferraro, he's also a member of the omegas,Ghosty is a nickname for him, the full name is Ghostface, Ghosty can be VERY insane if he wants to be, he Also cares a lot about his team and will help them if needed to, he use to have a crush on Louie but he moved onto a different girl named "autumn" who has saved him 2 times, Ghosty enjoys a couple of things like, cats,pizza,por- popcorn!, and Movies

    soul was once a real human but he died in a tragic car crash when he was 16, Soul uses magic like ,dark magic, light magic, and fairy ma…

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