Night Of Stars

aka Stars, Stardust Overdrive Stars

  • I live in I live In my own personal world
  • I was born on July 21
  • My occupation is Being the adorable boy That the girls think is cute but would never date. And Just being the Third Wheel
  • I am The Night Of Stars
  • Night Of Stars

    Stars Looks Like a 13 year old kid with black, messy Hair, Though He is actually 16. Stars Is about 5'9 and always wears Darker Colors, Except for orange. He like Orange. He also hates wearing jeans with a passion. He would rather wear dress pants or jogging pants. His eyes are two different colors, His left eye is pitch-black, and his right eye is orange, but it shifts between a cat-eye and a human eye. On his neck, There is a metal Collar with The Omega Symbol on it, and the color is black and orange, But this collar is cloaked most of the time and is never visable. He does have wings, angel wings that are also black, with white speckles to make it look like a Sky full of Stars. He mostly wears long sleeve shirts and always wears a scarf…

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