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Description Edit

Tyrel's appearance makes him look like he hits the gym so often it would be assault. He's tall, rugged and looks like the kind of person you wouldn't want to get in a fight with. He has light brown hair and amber eyes that shine slightly, as though made of real amber. He also, unfortunately, has a slightly pudgy face which makes him look less intimidating.

Tyrel is kind and brave, usually trying to help in some way or another. Usually in his own way which, without Kah to stop it, would cause more trouble than it's worth. It wouldn't necessarily be catastrophic but merely a nuisance and unnecessary work.

Backstory Edit

Tyrel spent the majority of his life in his home village where he was born, raised and educated. He was rarely ever allowed to leave and even when he was it wasn't very far. His home village had very negative beliefs of those outside of their tight knit.

They kept Tyrel away from the outside world, away from the hundreds of races and societies the world had to offer. One night, at only age 10, Tyrel got sick of being held back and let his curiosity take over. This led him straight into the forest where his adventure began.

Relations Edit

Friends Edit

  • Kah

Family Edit

Romantic Interests Edit

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Enemies Edit

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