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Description Edit

Rayvita looks like a humanoid anthropomorphic harpy eagle and wears a long, flowing white dress

"With her long and elegant wings, she can determine the direction and speed of any wind at will. By combining her wings with the water down below, she can easily create clouds at will, and quite possibly the storms that follow. She is quite possibly the most active of all the Gods in the pantheon currently, still working at full blast to do her role." -Golden Forge.

Backstory Edit

The Goddess of the Sky and Weather, Rayvita was born with the Earth to form the atmosphere and a Goddess of the Arygarian pantheon.


Relations Edit

Friends Edit

  • The Arygarian Pantheon

Family Edit

  •  ?

Romantic Interests Edit

  • Stockley

Acquaintances Edit

  •  ?

Enemies Edit

  •  ?

Fighting Style Edit

Rayvita is more than capable to fight, and will gladly do it to protect the things she likes.


Abilities Edit

Weather Manipulation - Rayvita can manipulate the weather around her to her advantage if she needs to.

Flight/Aeroportation - Rayvita can fly very easily with her wings and changing the winds direction and speed.

Aerokinesis - Rayvita can manipulate the air and wind to devastating degrees.


Strengths Edit

Freedom of Movement - When fighting with Rayvita, the whole sky is the battleground. It's where she feels the strongest and most confident.

Weather Adaptation - Rayvita has fought through snow and hail, as well as the hottest sandstorms and droughts. It's easy to say the weather won't bother her much.

Heightened Senses - Rayvita can see and hear further and clearer than most people, as her avian physiology allows her to.


Weaknesses Edit

Feathers - Feathers can cause a multitude of problems which can inhibit Rayvita's full potential (for example they are more flammable than skin, and can get substances caught in them fairly easily).

Hydrophobia - Rayvita is unable to swim effectively and can be in a lot of trouble if they end up submerged in water. She also falls victim to intense panic during this.

Wet Feathers - Water also inhibits their ability to fly and can weigh her down by soaking her feathers. This can be counteracted by taking a moment to dry off with the wind.

Fearful - Rayvita will easily panic if she's put into a situation she doesn't like and will lash out instead of thinking rationally.