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On Earth Edit

Ravencliffs Edit

Ravencliffs is an ancient Elvish kingdom that has been hidden on Earth since just after Earth came into existence. The Elves there are wise and beautiful people, who care little for the outside world and more for looking after themselves. It is a place of pure luxury, everything is made to perfection.

The city of Ravencliffs is set inside a large ravine, and is hidden to most by the powerful magic that the elves wield. The city is based at one end of the ravine, where there are large waterfalls flowing down the side of the cliffs. Along one side of the ravine, the cliff-face is filled with holes in which ravens build their nests. This is where Ravencliffs gained it's name. Built into the parallel cliff is the Palace, in which the Queen lives. There is a large garden surrounding this palace, which then leads down to the lake that the waterfalls feed into. At this lake are shrines to the Vangosian gods, which the elves worship. There is also a hidden staircase from here up to a hidden shrine of Death behind the waterfalls that overlooks the entire city.

The city leads out to meadows, where horses graze, and wild flowers grow. There are also trees, and bushes around. At the far end of the canyon is a large observatory that was mostly abandoned by the Elves after an incident there several hundred years ago. This is built into the cliffs and has the largest collection of ancient texts and artifacts on the planet.

Morthia Edit

Morthia is an Elvish kingdom, much like Ravencliffs. The kingdom is bigger, however, and has more outside it's city. The kingdom is in a jungle, on a floating island, hidden by the thick forestry. The kingdom is in the trees, high up, and far away from any mortal who could find it. Like Ravencliffs it is also hidden by magic, making it impossible to find unless you knew exactly what you were looking for.

The kingdom outside the city spans the entire island, with huts and farms throughout the trees, collecting fruit and trading, and making products which are then transported into the city, which is by a large glistening lake in the center of the island. The palace rests on two massive trees, and has become part of the trees. It is a large palace, made of wood and stone. Several of the rooms overlook the lake, where fishing takes place. The city is beautiful, with carvings done delicately in the woodwork. It's a unique city, but not as well known as Ravencliffs. This is because it is much harder to find Morthia than it is to find Ravencliffs. Morthia is home to Alethion, who became king at a very very young age, youngest in Elvish history.

Morthia is a very secretive city for the fact that, very unlike all other Elvish cities, it has close ties to the Faerie Realm. This is kept secretive because elves and faeries have been at war for generations. There is a strong distrust between most elves and faeries. Except in Morthia. Here there is an alliance, although completely secret.

Faerie Realm Edit

The Faerie Realm is a place that can be accessed through a faerie tree (a solitary fully grown tree in the middle of a field, normally guarded by rocks, thorny bushes or even faeries themselves), a faerie ring (a circle of perfect toadstools) or being taken there by a faerie themselves. It is a realm completely of faerie magic, which doesn't obey the laws of normal magic. It's chaos to mortals, as they cannot comprehend it. It is beyond their understanding. Even some gods cannot deal with the insanity that is there. It is a bright, busy place, yet dark and sinister at the same time. Yet the laws there are strict. The realm is under the rule of the High King, who is advised by the Council of Sprites. There is then also a leader of every village. Villages are common, and are hidden in plain sight of mortals, yet cannot be seen as they cannot be comprehended.