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Person is... Difficult to describe. To begin, they're an alien with a head shaped oddly similar to brocolli with no obvious facial features. Their skin is often a light teal or blue, but can sometimes be light pink or cherry coloured depending on the situation they're in. Person's arms are composed entirely of tentacles, varying from thick to thin, wrapping around each other and thinning off near the end. Finally, the rest of Person's body isn't really known, as he tends to keep it covered by a fancy alb he found, donned with red and gold trimmings.

Person cannot (or perhaps will not) speak a word. The majority of their vocabulary is hand(?) movements and gentle noises. Despite this, Person will gladly interact with anyone as long as they are not threatening or attempting to seize them.


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To humans, nothing is known about Person. What they are, where they came from and what their intentions are can only be guessed.


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  • Corey Lochnin
  • Kaosu Akiyama

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Abilities Edit

Tentacle Generation - Person can extend and generate tentaclea from their body at will.

Health Absorption - By draining brain fluids from people by using their tentacles, Person can restore injured or misplaced parts of their body, with one brain having enough fluid to fully replicate their body.

Acidic Bodily Fluids - Person's bodily fluids are extremely acidic, dangerous to human flesh and is able to regurgitate it if they desire to.

Alien Mind - Person's mind is so different that it is not compatible with other minds. Therefore, they are immune to most telepathic abilities.

Alien Physiology - Person's physical attributes are rather alien, which can cause a lot of confusion in every aspect. These can include aspects such as healthcare being irrelevant, vacuum adaptation, and anaerobic conditioning.

Enhanced Condition - Person's physical capabilities are far above an average human's.

Pressure Adaptation - Person's body can adapt to any pressure almost immediately, including vacuums and the bottom of the sea.

Anaerobic Respiration - Person is able to spend up to five days without oxygen.

Slow Regenerative Healing Factor - Person is able to heal much faster than other creatures, being able to nullify a cut in around five minutes, and taking a few hours to regenerate limbs.

Self-Sustenance - Person is able to generate their own food inside their bodies, whether this is from the sun, water, or the ground.

Supernatural Flexibility - Person can bend, twist and find their body far beyond the natural limits of physiology.

Tendril Wing Generation - Person can create and destroy wings made of tentacles at will, at the temporary cost of their legs which regrow after they land.