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Description Edit

Panamea is the God of Land, Trees and Plants and is one of the first gods to arrive. He loves the land he made not because he made it, but because it constantly changes and moves around with everything happening. However he's always upset, because everyone loves everything but the earth they walk on and feels as though his love and care he puts in constantly to keep the world living is never appreciated. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Panamea has light brown skin with short green hair that moves like grass. He wears a long brown robe which is pudgy and bulbous around the middle.

Backstory Edit

Panamea was made from dust and rocks in space which brought itself to life and cumulated a form of a human being. He made the earth and included every detail until it was perfect for life. All he wanted was to supply a place for life of all sorts to live happily and carefree so he could sit back and watch his creation grow from the ingenuity, creativity and determination of everything on it.

He created Anathea from the dust and rocks in space in the same way he was made so that he would have someone to watch the world go by with and he wouldn't feel lonely and isolated; however she quickly abandoned him for the stars and space above.

Relations Edit

Friends Edit

  • Hawuna

Family Edit

  • Anathea (Daughter)
  • Kavinu (Daughter)

Romantic Interests Edit

  • None

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  • None

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  • None