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Osmar is the god of magic, sorcery and miracles. All wizards and magic people absolutely ADORE him, not only for his charming charismatic personality but also for his willing to help those who ask for it in learning; even if what they are learning may not necessarily be magic based. He may be a slight bit unstable sometimes but any damage he causes he will fix; no matter how big or small, or if it's mental or physical.

Osmar has caramel brown skin and glowing silver eyes. He also has white hair and a long silver beard, however, he looks very young like a teenager. He wears dark grey robes with many pockets on the inside filled to the brim, yet nothing shows on the outside nor does it bother the wearer.


Born from the goddess of space Anathea, Osmar often looked to the stars with his mother and loved learning about the forces from worlds other than the one they walk on. Osmar's magic came naturally, and he always enjoys using it for any non-malicious purpose. He also managed to create his own star and moon which he draws energy from which became known as the second sun and second moon respectively, which are around half the size of the normal original counterparts.



  • None


  • Kalif (Brother)
  • Anathea (Mother)

Romantic InterestsEdit

  • None


  • None


  • Kalif

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