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Backstory Edit

Mytherica was created to be the daughter of the lord of the Universe, Cyrinth. She was created with a brother, Damian.

Cyrinth was an insane ruler, but wanted the most for his daughter and married her off to one of the Lords. They had a son together, but pretty soon Myth wanted to leave to see the Universe. She obtained, from her father's workshop, a soul which was called The Darkness. She made this soul part of her own and it made her crave evil, and to do things that were looked down upon by others. She started talking to an evil race, one that wanted to take over the world and enslave all the other races.

This race promised her freedom from her family, if she gave them control over them. She did this, and instead of getting freedom she was kept as a slave to the high officers. She was kept for thousands of years. During this time she created a monster so powerful it could destroy the universe and recreate it. This monster was called Chaos. He did as Mytherica asked and created the new universe, destroying most of what was there.

For the next several million years Myth created more monsters, some good, some neutral, but most of them were evil. Chaos as well created creatures, such as the Titans and his wife, Night. From these came the life in the new universe. Soon Myth was asked to become a Greek god, for protection and validation (although the gods, as you may have guessed, only wanted her around for her looks). During her time as a god, she created a lot of monsters, which the other gods forced her to lock away in Tartarus (Hell for monsters).

As time passed, the Titans declared war on the gods, and after a lot of fighting, they agreed to pass over one of themselves to stop the fighting. They decided to pass over Mytherica, forgetting that she was the one who let them exist. So Myth was forced back into captivity by the Titans and here she stayed for another few hundred years.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Myth is about 5'7" tall normally. She can become a lot taller if she wishes (thanks to perks of becoming a goddess). Her long, pale green hair settles in waves down her back. Her gold eyes shine from their sockets. Her face is delicate and pale, the years of hardship showing through her face, although she hides it very well. Her large, black angel wings drag along the ground where she walks.

When she is in her human disguise (Destiny) she has long white-blonde hair, falling in curls and cut off around her waist. She has deep blue eyes like sapphires, but her facial structure remains the same.

Personality Edit

Myth was a very kind and caring person. She would have done anything for those she really cares about. With the Darkness in her though, she is a very different person. For the most part she acted kind and caring, but really, she seeks for the universe to be covered in death and destruction. She only wishes for her own advancement, to become more powerful than anything. The Darkness can only be removed through extreme measures and must be placed into someone else, or the balances of the Universe would be unsettled.

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