Magic Sandwich, one of the chat moderators, has a LOT of RP Characters, so they will be listed here.


Toby use to be slender's proxy until he had enough of it and wanted a real life so he joined the steel Squad and met his bestest friend.. Hunter.. Toby got a bit depressed of being alone so he met Ozzie (one of myth's mirror rp people) and "had" a daughter with her so yeah now they have a happy life.. Blah blah blah


as a child Hunter wanted to test on stuff he's single..ready to mingle and use to have a whore of a wife andcompletely hates gods and goddess and has been seen sleeping on a girl named tori's lap during to h's wedding


Meeko is a Brithish little Jew girl hiding from the nazi's after they killed her family and her sister "Neko" she use to like Kai but wanted to kill herself after he kissed a girl Meeko is now with Ivan doing who knows in her bedroom


Screech is a demigod who never wants to talk to anyone but he seems to like Sasha and never really acts that much but he helps out a Lot

Google EqualEdit

Google Equal is a adopted daughter, she is very very nerdy at times, but has lupus working for her, they go on wild adventures.

Lupus The Party Husky Edit

Works at FFP but he thinks he's a slave there he has met Panña and he secretly has a crush on her but hides it a lot


suki is hunter's daughter and she is always wearing skinny clothes kinda like a stripper


Leoanathy is the goddess of kindness and is in love with Shinato and has had two kids with him Dea and.. Borus and she seems to be pregnant with a demigod child

Mothra Edit

Mothra is a giant moth who is very kind at times but is mostly sad,she does have a different form which kinda makes her look like a human moth (mostly in the gallery) she never wants to fight unless its for a reason,and has a crush that no one knows (its not red) mothra likes tea and crumpets....she is not british...

The Characters GalleryEdit