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Description Edit

Yes, that's pronounced "Licky", or "Lick-E" if that helps any. Coincidentally with the licking she is the Goddess of Lust, Virginity and Innocence. They don't particularly have a specific gender but prefer she/her pronouns because of a personal preference.

Liki most often has a confident, cocky smirk on their face. Whether this is real or merely put on is uncertain. The moment they have their eyes set on someone, they refuse to let down until they've achieved what they desire.

Liki has innumerable forms they can change into to fit the mood, however their favourite form for casual use is a floating spherical blob with tentacles at either side of their body. Regardless of which form they're in, people that have enhances vision or godly status can easily discern them by her blue, gel-like skin as well as them pink hair and matching eyes.

Backstory Edit

After Nacht was imprisoned on the moon and her Mother Angelica wasn't able to be found anywhere within the universe, Liki decided to live among mortals and use their control over lust to earn money, shelter and food through methods I won't describe in detail.

Relations Edit

Friends Edit

  • Viana

Family Edit

  • Angelica
  • Nacht

Romantic Interests Edit

  • None (surprisingly)
  • Debatably everyone?
  • Idfk

Acquaintances Edit

  • None

Enemies Edit

  • Kikri