Lagneiac, also known as the Perverted Mind, is the Arygarian God of Lust and Love. Born from the Earth much like most other Immortal-Blooded Gods, Lagneiac was born to be responsible for all accounts of romantic and sexual interactions between entities. Since nowadays most relationships are covered by other deities, he mostly concentrates on very specific relationships, and tries to accomplish something for himself.

Description Edit

Lagneiac tends to take many forms, for he has the ability of shapeshifting. However, his most common form is that of a very large brain with floating eyes. This comes with a brain cord that eventually splits into a numerous amount of tentacles. It is concluded that these tentacles could be used for pleasure and reproduction. He is usually 6 feet tall in this form.

Another common form of his is that of a small, pink-feathered cardinal. He usually uses this form to observe very specific relationships. He also commonly uses the form of a large bipedal turtle, which is extremely buff. The spikes of the shell are actually various tools, such as a baton, some electric pliers, and a whip.

One thing that all of his forms have in common, is that his eyes are always a light-green. This primary factor allows any disguise of his to be easily given away, except in the case where his eyes are always shut or are never there.

Backstory Edit

Lust and Love are aspects of the Universe that simply must be available at all times. In the Arygarian ages, it wasn't around when it wasn't needed. However, when Lucofry created Earth, there was many more entities, which brought along the necessity of these aspects. As a result, Lagneiac was born with Earth.

As the primary ruler of Lust and Love around this time, Lagneiac was mostly in charge of invoking reproduction among the new creatures that were born. However, when Humans were brought in for power, Lagneiac immediately snapped at the chance to experiment with his powers. With these experiments, he introduced concepts such as one-night stands, adultery, pedophilia, and other odd concepts.

Soon enough, Lagneiac actually had the idea of invoking such concepts between his fellow Gods. While most of the time his powers didn't work, he effectively worked his powers on Lora. As a result, Lora soon felt feelings for Natis Prosec, resulting in the first Human/God relationship out there. However, by sparking this relationship, he sparked the wars when the "Scaled Death" came around.

He still held primary power over the world for a good amount of time, even after the Arygarians were disbanded after the death of Nimir Numah. However, as the age of the Arygarians began to die, so did his powers. By the time that the Romans were in play, he had very little power over the realm of Lust and Love. Up to this day, he still holds little power.

However, he has had his major contributions over time. He has always found a partner for each of the Numahs, to preserve the bloodline. As of late, he has been going off on his own account, intending on bringing together relationships to drastically change the world. He has also been intending on finding a fellow God/Goddess of Lust or Love for him to enjoy... or maybe, even Lust itself.

Relationships Edit

 Friends Edit

  • The Arygarians and their Gods

Enemies Edit

  • N/A

Acquaintances Edit

  • N/A

Family Edit

  • N/A

Romantic Partner(s) Edit

  • N/A

Gallery Edit

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