Description Edit

Cicirel has dark skin with scars scattered around it. He has dark grey hair with his right side shoddily cut close and his left side left to grow, as well as a coarse dark stubble along his face. He wears dull red armour with brown accents and a small bright red scarf from his wife. He has a large broken crown with five points on it, all five of which are damaged in different ways.

Cicirel has a twisted, broken mind which causes his both his spontaneous hatred and love for people. He's absolutely unpredictable and can range from the softest person you'll ever meet to the most horrible sadomasochist there is.

Backstory Edit

Cicirel grew up with a different view of the world, seeing everything as worthless as what it is, but so much better in a different sense. His mental state has always been deteriorating since he started learning forbidden magic and killed for fun and sport. He started learning when he was only a meager 7 years of age.

Relations Edit

N/A - They constantly change.

Romantic Interests Edit

  • The Red Queen (Wife & only constant relation he can keep)

Fighting Style Edit

Abilities Edit

Magic - Magic flows through everything on Dralkion at least a little bit, Cicirel is no exception.

Forbidden Magic - Forbidden magic is obviously not allowed by any state of law as it defies many basic rights and can lead to catastrophic and apocalyptic events. But why would Cicirel care?

Dual Swords - Cicirel is aggressive when he fights and can use both swords effectively to attack quickly and break down his opponents consciousness; or their legs.

Strengths Edit

Royal Authority - Cicirel radiates power and anyone who even stands NEAR him will be intimidated when he's willing to fight.

Unpredictability - Cicirel can change his ways at any given time to catch his opponent off guard.

Insight - Cicirel can tell strengths and weaknesses of his opponents from a mere glance whether they're personal weaknesses or physical weaknesses he can exploit, unless they're hidden particularly well.

Weaknesses Edit

Unpredictability - Cicirel may change for the worse while fighting and may be easy to defeat after his change.

Draining - The forbidden magic can be just as unpredictable as Cicirel himself if not for some limitations. He may be completely drained after a simple spell if he's unlucky.

Consciousness Edit

Cicirel's consciousness is a mixture of heavy and light - being both reliably strong and regenerates relatively quickly.