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Kavinu has dark blue hair that almost matches her eyes, which are a little duller. She also has grey wings that are about a metre from her back to the tip. Kavinu is also frequently seen wearing dark, yet formal clothes somewhat resembling an army captain uniform without any badges or medals.

Kavinu thinks she gets a bad rep; she isn't necessarily evil and hatred-fueled ALL the time. She can be calm and somewhat welcoming at times, in which she can be very influential and inspiring. However, most of the time she is sly, manipulative and allows herself to indulge in sinful acts.


Backstory Edit

Kavinu was the second creation of Panamea, as well as the second to abandon him for other things. Kavinu wandered far away from the underdeveloped universe and was preyed upon my formless entities which spoke to her. They told her lies, horrible visions of the future to come and twisted her towards a more evil alignment. They managed their time while speaking with her, which allowed Kavinu to keep her mind intact.


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  • Panamea (Father)
  • Anathea (Sister)
  • Kikri (Son)
  • Viana (Daughter)
  • Ittris (Son)

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Sin Manipulation - Kavinu can, and likely will, manipulate the sins, of herself and others; as well as their tolerance to, and willingness to commit these sins.

Evil Aura - Being around Kavinu for long enough will make even the most dedicated of priests and holy people to give in to their inner most desires.

Umbrakinesis - Kanivu can manipulate darkness and shadows at will.