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Kah is a short, unintimidating person who tries to act tough. He's relatively skinny yet muscly like a teen who's started working out and starting to see results. He has medium length black hair covering his face in a loose swashbuckling hairstyle with deep blue eyes, a small nose and a few cuts hidden behind it.

Kah tries to act tough and grumpy to appear more badass in a "Step off and don't mess with me" kind of way; but in reality always has a lot of fun going on missions with Tyrel, sometimes reads him bedtime stories (because let's face it, the world is big and scary) and smiles quite a lot for someone so edgy.

Backstory Edit

Kah has always had the ambition to learn more about magic and it's uses, he usually stuck to the rules but every single school or college that he went to be was inevitably sent away from.

He took a job as a Freelancer so that he could travel and learn the secrets of the magic of the world as well as get some money on the side. Kah will do whatever it takes to get his hands on magical knowledge, even if by some unconventional means.

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  • Tyrel

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  • Lance

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Abilities Edit

Ambidexterity - Something never before seen! Writing in a book... With BOTH HANDS! That, and being able to swap his sword holding hand and magic hand whenever he needs for when the situation calls.

Swordsman - Kah has honed his senses and trained with swords and daggers throughout his life. As a result, he's able to use most blades efficiently, as long as they aren't too heavy for him.

Magical - Kah is immensely into magic, in case you somehow couldn't tell (*Cough cough* Backstory *Cough cough*) and has managed to mingle various varieties of magic into his skillset.


Strengths Edit

Swift - Kah can move fast and hit hard without worrying about being injured through the power of acrobatics and countering.

Knowledge Is Power - Kah has learned a lot about magic over his lifetime, and can cast more intricate spells much faster and effectively than normal.


Weaknesses Edit

Lightweight - Because Kah focuses on fast attacks, any successful parries, counters or other means of knocking him down will take him a while to recover from.