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Jessica has a petite figure and tries to keep their makeup right and hair tamed. They have wavy, bleach blonde hair and her eyes are different colours due to a genetic mutation; one eye is brown and the other is blue. She tends to wear casual, stylish clothes as well as a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

Jessica tries to be friendly and social with most people, but absolutely cannot handle large crowds of people at any given time without someone helping her. She tends to stay where it's quiet and tries to leave once her job with audio is done. She has an exquisite ability to hear things louder and clearer than they really are, which is a blessing and a curse in their own respects. She also has a slight alcohol dependency because it helps her to drown out the excess noise around her.

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Jessica lived a pretty average life; went to school, had a few relationships, a surprising amount of broken bones, and got a job quickly with her knack for musical detail.

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  • Nathan
  • Xen


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