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Gol'n is around 5' in height and has brown skin with a few scars splattered here and there which is sort of expected and pretty stereotypical for a Dwarf. He has dark grey hair that's almost black and dark brown eyes. As well as this he also has a thick black beard that's a few inches long and well kept.

Gol'n takes his job seriously and as a result of which he can come off as really cold and robotic. Which is true, he abandons all acts of childish behaviour and does his job right. However when he's in a good mood and not working he can be the most jolly person there is. He's extremely charismatic and enjoys talking to people.

Backstory Edit

Gol'n always worked hard in what he did, willing to abandon leisure in pursuit of his goals. He worked his way through the ladder of the government in the Dwarven mountains and eventually became an Overseer, a watcher of both slaves and the common people. He makes sure both of which stay in line and don't break the rules. Like the police, but as a singular person for a district; and with slaves.

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  • JoJa (Only one to escape under his watch)

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Dwarven Physiology - As a Dwarf, Gol'n has all the advantages and disadvantages of being so. Being short, strong, intimidating, etc.

Position of Power - Gol'n can call for reinforcements if anyone's around to help, even common Dwarves will rush to his side if he needs to due to the his grand reputation.

Strengths Edit

Actual Strength - Gol'n is actually pretty strong. No seriously. Dwarves being strong? What a world! (That was sarcasm for the thick ones)

Political Authority - Gol'n can use his position to gain advantages in many ways such as rallying a crowd, causing an uproar, intimidating his opponent and more.

Weaknesses Edit

Blind Spot - Due to scarring, his left side isn't as effective at seeing as his right side and therefore it's harder for him to dodge or block attacks from that side.

Experienced - Gol'n has worked as an Overseer for many years, and as a lesser government worker even longer therefore he's used to Dwarven tactics and physiology. If something new were to attack he would be less sure of how to go about it.