Creeperman21 has quite a few RP characters, so they will be listed here. (DISCLAIMER: most of Creeperman21's RP characters are from various Media sources, only 2-3 are not inspired by anything)

Note: These were made several years ago, when I (Creeperman21, probably going to be changed to "Timidgoliath05niner") was a ball of cringe. These will be reset once I can talk to someone on this Wiki.

Barry "Creeper" TobertEdit

The leader of Alpha Squad and Bounty Hunter CEO of ATLAS, he became a bounty hunter out of desperation and Financial reasons. From here, he had met Apoteryx, the God of Bounty. He served four more years as a bounty hunter before being recruited for ATLAS. He had started out as a normal foot soldier, but was raised higher by Irons himself. He now is part time Bounty Hunter, full time ATLAS Personnel. He masters all types of weapons, but prefers Assault Rifles and the TAC-19, a direct energy shotgun (Or A laser shotgun). He was recently "Fired" for stealing an SCP, along with the others. He also has the ablity to break the 4th wall, and with that, he knows of his "Creator", along with the other members of Alpha Squad. If you want to see what Creeper looked like at his OLD (I Mean, before he was a Bounty Hunter) job, The animation is right Here: He is in his 20's.

Fun Facts!: Edit

  • If Creeper gets a forehead cut, he will put LSD in the wound, tie a bandanna around his head, and begin playing Jimi Hendrix songs.

Jack Mitchell Edit

Mitchell is the guns of Alpha Squad, bringing in the big guns when needed. He was once too a bounty hunter and he saw Creeper's skill in the Field, so he recruited him for ATLAS. He now, along side his other men, fight with the top squad of ATLAS corporation. He is usually packing a Sub-Machine gun. He is also in his 20's

Fun Facts!: Edit

  • Mitchell was a bounty hunter before Creeper, but learned from experience and never had an Exo.

Jonathan IronsEdit

The CEO of ATLAS corporation put in charge by Google Plus, He is the face of ATLAS. Some say he's just a wanna-be hotshot, but others, like Google Plus, think he is perfect for the job. He never comes into combat, but in dangerous situations, he keeps a Colt in his pocket, just in case he needs to kick some ass for himself. He knows someone who is delusional that put his name as his middle name and tries to kill him at every chance he can get. he is in his mid to late 40's

Fun Facts!: Edit

  • Irons did not, in fact, build ATLAS. G+ did, but usually is not mentioned by the company.


Joker is usually just silent, but he is a good part of Alpha Squad. He helps Civilians out of the battle and keeps contact with ATLAS, mostly Irons himself. He is quite the fighting force too. He also packs an Assault Rifle. he is in his late 20's

Fun Facts!: Edit

  • Joker was the one to train Mitchell when he first arrived at ATLAS.


Gideon a huge part of Alpha Squad, as he is very valiant and is not afraid to kick some ass. He is usually the one to plan out the strategies with Creeper. He is good friends with Creeper and often times pat him on the back after a good move. He also carries an Assault Rifle. He's in his Mid 20's

Fast Facts!: Edit

  • Gideon has mastered parkour and has taught everyone in the Alpha Squad (AKA The originals) parkour in case their Exos crap out.

Gideon Jr. (Garret)Edit

Being The son of Gideon, he is energetic and willing to do anything. He usually asks his dad to go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where he plays and plays until the sun goes down. He is neutral and will often times be considered a Civilian. His real name is actually Garret, but most people call him Gideon Jr. He is also 10 Years old.

Fun Facts!: Edit

  • Garret was biologically equal with Gideon, but the mother left when she raked Gideon's bank for everything it had. Too bad, he worked at ATLAS, he got his 4.5 million back in 3 months.


SCP-173 was your typical Euclid SCP, always in containment and being bored. That was, until, Red taken him from containment and made him a soul torturer. But, that wasn't paying for his new studio apartment, now was it? He took a part time job at ATLAS, selling wares to bounty hunters across the globe. He spends 6 hours at ATLAS, from 9 AM to 3 PM. He is payed an annual 75,000 Dollars a year. he's probably hundreds of years old.

Springtrap "Hybrid" Fazbear Edit

Hybrid is the newest member of Alpha Squad, as he had broke out of ATLAS for the same reasons as the rest of Alpha Squad. He takes a scientific approach towards everything, being a former Medic and electrical engineer at ATLAS. He is famous for making the Synthetic Enderman Heart out of an Enderman Exclusive disease named the "Ender's Knot". He is well educated and has a crush on Enda the Human Enderman. He specializes in "Dirty Operations", where no anesthetics are used during the operation. He usually carries a AE4, a direct energy Assault Rifle or a silenced pistol in case he gets into combat and stealth situations. He is usually docile, until threatened or fighting for those that cannot. He is male and in his early 30's. Also, he can turn into a human under the guise of "Hyro". He is now king of a country by the name of "Kyrat". after Creeper died, he attempted to bring the world together and destroy the Gems, bounded by Communism... then out of nowhere things went to sh**.

Fun Facts! Edit

  • he taught himself medicine ever since the robotic age of 4. In human, that's 12.

Withered Creeper: The Murican Gun Edit

Withered Creeper: The Murican Gun (or, WC-TMG) is a gun constructed from a Carbon Copy of Withered Creeper, the robotic version of Creeper. He usually just says 'Murican like things, like "let's go kill some turrists". He has a heavy american accent, but ironically is an MG42. It will often make anyone who holds it uncontrollable start shooting everything.

Fun Facts!: Edit

  • Don't mess with this weapon of American destruction! The barrel can split into 3 pieces and fire in 3 different directions.

William "Deathshead" Strasse Edit

William Strasse, better known as "Deathshead" by, I don't know, EVERYONE. Anyway, Deathshead is pretty much a mega-Nazi protected by two giant Guard Robots. But, just in case he needs to gets his hands dirty, he's got a Handgun 1960 to whack ya if you get close. He is from the game Wolfenstein: The New Order and all of the Wolfensteins behind it

Fun Facts! Edit

  • Deathshead actually has built a massive, futuristic Nazi army.

William J. Blazkowicz Edit

Blazkowicz (Or Blazkow for short) Is an American soldier who is out to kill Deathshead, no matter what. One day, whilst being a badass in the woods (JK, he was training), The "Originals" had seen him, and ultimatley recruited him to join the "Delta Platoon". He is now equipped with the most badass sh** you could get as a one-man army. He is also from the game Wolfenstein: The new Order and every other Wolfenstien behind it.

Fun Facts!: Edit

  • Blazkow is definitively called the "Der Tod aller", Or "The death of all" in German.

Flumpty Bumpty Edit

Flumpty is an Egg. He is immune to the plot and can transcend time and space. He recently joined "Die Bluthunde", AKA The Originals reborn, so yeah. He can be any age he wants, why? He's Immune to the plot, that's why! But Generally, he's in his twenties

Fun Facts! Edit

  • Flumpty is immune to the plot. He can do whatever he wants to, whenever he wants to.

Birthday Boy Blam (BBB) Edit

Birthday Boy Blam was a kid born on an unspecified leap year, and Like Flumpty, he can transcend time and space and become "Kevin Jr.", which is BBB in the future (whom always has a fancy for fancy clothing). He is also in Die Bluthunde. He is generally in his teens, between the ages of 12 and 5

Fun Facts! Edit

  • BBB can buy whatever he wants as Kevin Jr., as Kevin is 24.

Subject 21A-45, "Non-Creeper" Edit

A robotic copy of Creeperman21's iconic character, "Creeper", from none other than ATLAS, Non-Creeper's primary goal is to kill and steal the Brain of Creeper, and to replace Creeper with himself. He is fairly new, but his mindset is in Creeper's, being in his mid-30's.

Non-Canon Characters/ Parentheses Characters Edit

Vault Boy: Often times, Vault Boy is incorporated to the parentheses, often times as a joke

more to come!

The Characters GalleryEdit

Theme Songs Edit

Theme songs for all of my characters (Because why not? Also, if you want, post a theme here!)

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