What Are They? Edit

The World's Knights are famous throughout Dralkion as being through incredibly tough and demanding trials given to them through their fates. If they survive and go about these trials in the right way then they are left stronger than ever before. They will gain strength and unique powers that they can master instantly through their valiance and will always be able to use them.

Both women, men and anyone of any gender can be a Knight, there's no limitations but the trials they are given, that is if they get one at all. Trials are incredibly rare and even though people may suffer hardships and physical labour beyond their capabilities, they might never be a Knight. Only the chosen can ascend.

Example Edit

Take Daari for example; he's the Knight of Moon and Blood, he was given his title due to his trail facing twelve whole years lost in a colossal woodland filled with naught but lycanthropes that never changed back and other beats related to them. His valiance and effort allowed him to survive, granting him access to unlawful and wild magics based around the Second Dralkionic Moon and blood of his enemies.

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