This character was created and is owned by Mytherica, if you wish to edit this page please ask them first! If you for some reason want to draw this character, please do! (Myth has no artistic skill) Kamen Rider isn't Myth's idea, it is a manga and TV show owned by Toei. Caoiliann is a character based off the series. Thank you.

Caoiliann is an Irish name and so it isn't pronounced how it is spelt. The pronunciation is "Kay-lin". Thank you.

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Appearance Edit

Caoiliann is average height, average build, and mostly just... average. He is attractive, but no one would stop to look twice at him. He does have some stand out features however, like his fire colored, ginger hair, and the freckles that cover his face. He has soft green eyes, which seem to class with the sharper features on his face, like his nose, and jawline. His face is softened however, with the ginger stubble that has never once been shaved off, in the knowledge of those who know him. He keeps himself presentable, and well groomed.

His clothing would be rather normal, really. When he isn't working he wears jeans, a t-shirt a hoodie and a jacket, with a pair of sneakers. Nothing too bright or that makes him stand out. Most of the colours he wears would soft hues of yellow, and pink, and blue, with greys and black and white being there too. He doesn't really stand out because of this.

Kamen Rider Dawn's suit is much like Kamen Rider Night's, and Kamen Rider Day's, except different in colour. (WIP)

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