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Cale looks like how you might expect a high-ranking Angael to look like, flowing white robes, colossal pearl wings along with curly bleach-blonde hair and sky blue eyes. 

Cale is pretty stereotypical of an Angael for anyone who he doesn't know; calm, unworried, the usual. But his colleagues and equals know that he is a strict commander and acts without mercy or second thought.


Backstory Edit

Cale was relatively unimportant when the Angaels took over Ceres, nothing more than the equivalent of a pawn to be abused. However he showed promise and, through decades of dedication, he worked his way up to a high rank known as the Eteran which are responsible for the protection of all of Ceres.


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  • Akilyx


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Abilities Edit

Flight - Cale can use his wings to fly at incredibly high speeds.

Angaelic Physiology - Cale harnesses the typical benefits that come with being an Angael such as wings, a divine and powerful aura and semi-immortality.

Holy-pyrokinesis - Cale can control holy fire as a result of becoming an Eteran Angael.

Empathy - Cale can utilise power from his angaelic soul to sense the feelings of any being he encounters.

Fulminokinesis - Cale can utilise thunder and lightning in combat.


Strengths Edit

Divine Gambling - Angaels have a habit of getting unbelievably lucky and calling it divine intervention.

Rank Privilege - Cale can be aggressive and violent against intruders or attackers if he pleases to unlike other Angaels because he is a protector of Ceres and therefore of higher rank and importance.


Weaknesses Edit

Unholy Corruption - Angaels are particularly weak to darkness, fire and powers from the Abyss.

Vacuum Blockade - The majority of Cale's powers won't work as well or as efficiently in the vacuum of space and may be restricted to Ceres or other planets.

Symbolic Entrapment - Cale, much like every other Angael, can be trapped or summoned through specific symbols or rituals.