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Arthur looks relatively normal for who he's possessed by; he has lightly tanned skin with soft, light brown hair.he has deep green eyes and freckles spattered across his face. However when he allows his other to take over his body - or is forced to - his hair seems to defy gravity and his eyes change and let out a subtle white glow.

Arthur is very jumpy most of the time and stutters when he talks. He's charming in a clumsy sort of way and acts very friendly to everyone. His other, however, is cocky and gets angry very quickly but can be easily cooled down by being offered a digestive biscuit.


Backstory Edit

When Arthur was very young a second soul embedded itself in him. Arthur lived with that soul talking to him and telling him what to do as well as how to act. Most of the time Arthur ignored it, however, growing up Arthur became more and more dependant on the soul and it's advice.

The soul instructed Arthur to carve specific symbols into a notebook, which took more than a few tries, until he got it right. Now that notebook will cause whatever is written in it to happen, but only by Arthur's hand when the soul takes over. Otherwise it's nothing but a plain notebook.

This soul was known as the Author in its past life.


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  • Author

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Dual Soul - Arthur can switch to Author at any time and allow him to take over in fighting, where he can use the notebook, move faster and hit harder.

Notebook - If Author gets to use the notebook during the fight then it will be bent immediately to his will. He can win instantly, or simply make it easier for himself. This is very dangerous for the opponent regardless.


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Duality - Arthur can start an attack while Author can finish it due to a shared mind, resulting in a less exhausting battle for them.

Buffs - Author can use the notebook to buff himself and Arthur up to make them stronger, faster and able to endure more.


Weaknesses Edit

Bodily Functioning - Arthur and Author may both want to fight, or both want to avoid doing it, and have to fight over control over the body.

Pen and Paper - If Author doesn't have the notebook or a pen to write with then it will be unable to do anything until he does.

Pen and Paper II - If the notebook if destroyed it will release a burst of light which will temporarily blind everyone in the vicinity and become useless until a new one is made.