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Anathea is the goddess of space, celestial bodies and the void. She is one of the oldest gods in the pantheon and is one of the only gods who can simply travel to another universe without a lot of effort. She is wise, quiet and tends to stay out of the way of anyone she can by floating through and watching the universe. 

Anathea wears a long, flowing dress that changes colour to fit the most vibrant and colourful areas of the universe, she always moves effortlessly and elegantly wherever she goes. Her hair is a light cream colour that mostly defies the laws of gravity and her skin is a very dark navy that sparkles as though it's covered in glitter. Anathea also supposedly has immense power that should never be given to anyone with a choice but it's not truly known since she has never used them before, perhaps it's merely a folk tale.



Anathea was not born as such but rather created by Panamea to be their wife and companion, but he was drawn to the earth that he walked upon, while Anathea gazed to the stars and explores the infinite expansion which never repeats.

Anathea enjoys spending her time watching space so much that she forces her children to watch over different aspects of it to ensure its glory and beauty, however she goes about this in an almost abusive manner.




  • Kalif (Son)
  • Osmar (Son)
  • Zaotl (Daughter)
  • Calna (Daughter)
  • Lux (Daughter)
  • Nacht (Son)
  • Panamea (Father)
  • Kavinu (Sister)

Friends Edit

  • Hawuna

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  • None

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  • None

Enemies Edit

  • Atira