Description Edit

Alexandri has snow-white hair that's cut short at his left side and left alone to grow on their right side. They have purple eyes as a result of a real case of Alexandria's genesis, along with all of the other perks of such. Their face is soft and round which makes them look oddly friendly, trustworthy and approachable.

Alexandri tends to act entitled due to the angaelic genes in their DNA, often looking down on everyone else and basking in the attention they get. They recognise place, belonging and rank. Because of this they will always act condescending until someone more important comes along.


Backstory Edit

Alexandri was born of a human mother and an Angael mother, who was able to give birth because of magical properties that Angaels have meaning they can get pregnant through love alone.


Relations Edit

Friends Edit

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Family Edit

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Romantic Interests Edit

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Acquaintances Edit

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Enemies Edit

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Fighting Style Edit

Abilities Edit

Minor Fulminokinesis - Alexandri can control lightning at a heavily reduced rate that Angaels can.

Partial Angaelic Physiology - Alexandri has the powerful aura of an Angael and can sprout a tiny halo and small wings floating behind him that he can use as though attached by an invisible cable.

Flight - Alexandri can fly twice as fast as he is able to run and no faster.


Strengths Edit

Divine Intervention - If Alexandri is in trouble then he may call on his Angaelic mother to help him.

Divine Gambling - Alexandri has the same luck that other Angaels do.


Weaknesses Edit

Excessive Force - Alexandri contains the power of Angaels in a weak vessel, so he can easily become drained or even destroy himself if he doesn't take care.

Human Physiology - Alexandri is still weak to everything that a normal person is.

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