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Akilyx always wears a large witch-like hat to cover their face. No, a VERY large hat. About a metre and a bit in its full span. Other than that she wears dark leather clothes with defensive steel parts threw in throughout. To conclude the look, she also has impossibly black wings that appear when she pleases. Akilyx has dark braided hair and white eyes with pale skin.

Akilyx is pretty chill with most people, assuming they aren't supporters of the Angaels or Angaels themselves; the ones from Ceres, not Angels; very different, yet similar things.


Backstory Edit

Akilyx used to be an inhabitant of Ceres and her entire race called it home. That was, until the Angaels came and took over without mercy or hesitation. The Angaels either killed the original inhabitants outright in a flood of blood and limbs, or captured them before clipping their wings and throwing them down the Abyss in the centre of what was the largest and most populated city. It was more of a tourist attraction than anything.

Akilyx managed to survive by getting lucky and falling into a long crevice at the side. It was there that she waited until the Angaels had lowered their guard of Ceres (which was around two weeks on Earth) before she flew away to safety. Her exposure to the dark void of the Abyss granted her powers stronger than she could believe. Since she escaped she swore her life to get her home planet back and attempt to rebuild her race from the ground up.


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  • Angaels


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Pyrokinesis - Akilyx can morph and create fire at will. This includes fire melded with strength which normally may not apply to other pyromancers.

Umbrakinesis - Akilyx can form and create darkness and shadow at will. This includes absolute darkness and void.

Flight - Akilyx can use her wings to fly at incredulous speeds.


Strengths Edit

Phase Dodging - Akilyx can make some attacks against her completely ineffective by phasing a foot or so away.

Abyssal Attributes - Akilyx has an uncanny increase to her strength, dexterity and other attributes due to the power of the Abyss.

Abyssal Attraction - Akilyx has an intense charm about her which can cause some people to fall to their knees and gawk at her beauty.


Weaknesses Edit

Night Light -  Attacks utilising Umbrakinesis can be nullified with a large amount of concentrated light.

Fire-Fought - Enough water can put out fire Akilyx creates, assuming they aren't imbued with other magics first.