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Give me white/black card suggestions please, and define if they're white or black.

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JoJa Dachio

White cards.

1. Pretending your wifi bugged up when you really just wanted to leave.

2. The height difference between JoJa and Vako

3. Saying brb and leaving for 2 hours.

4. Timezones

5. Being a backup plan instead of first choice

6. Myth being salty at all times

7. The amount of tears over Aya

8. Realsing that Forge actually is a person.

9. "Dank memes"

10. JoJa being a cinnamon roll.


Black Cards

1. What's the new hip ship? _ and _!

2. Can't get into the mood for ERP? Try _ for a great night!

3. _ should not exist. Like at all.

4. Why the hell is _ a ship?

5. What is the Czar most like? _.

6. ~_ has entered the chat~

7. ~_ has left the chat~

8. _ is so kinky that even Lagneiac keeps it a secret.

9. Oh my gAWD I can't find _ anywhere!

10. Harder daddy! Give me _!

White Cards

1. Myth x JoJa

2. Fanart

3. Yourself x Yourself

4. Multiple types of several different STDs

5. *Clicks tongue* Pussy

6. Touching the titty, booping the boob, the whole nine yards

7. Saying "wat" so much you get electrocuted

8. Losta being the purest smol of all.

9. Over 50 reasons that we're annoyed

10. C o m m u n i s m

11. BDSM

12. Intergalactic travel for a chicken wing

13. Lel git 420 noskoped fgt

14. Frickle heck

15. Cuddles!~

16. Amalthea being a fucking weeb


18. Overbearing metrosexuality

19. Just a happy RP for once that doesn't turn sexual. Please?

20. blank

21. Random crashes

22. The kids

23. Chaos' children

24. Trying to kill Chaos

25. Something funnier than 24

26. Fleshlight; go fuck yourself

27. mmmMMMmmm

28. Edgy Minecraft pr0n

29. 12 year olds

30. The smoothness of shaven leg


Black Cards

1. ____ "Can I watch? :>"

2. What's Forge's biggest kink?

3. And here we have Myth's newest plot idea. ____

4. The Golden RP Wiki. A place for RP, memes and ____

5. We can all agree that ____ is the hottest in the Golden RP wikia.

6. Myth has said many times that _____ is their biggest turn on.

7. JoJa ______ Dachio

8. Golden ______ Forge

9. What is the best way to avoid ERP?

10. Remember when _____ was a thing?


White Cards

1. This is a white card.

2. I'm calling the police

3. "I'm not THAT into it, Myth"

4. Medusa only turns one part of Lucofry stone hard :>

5. Saving ERPs for "future reference"

6. Myth ranting about controversial topics again.

7. Those few times Forge actually says when he's leaving

8. Late night BDSM talks

9. Wondering what Forge's results are for the BDSM test

10. :')))))))


White Cards

1. Smite being involved in all the RPs, inculding the ERPs


3. Forge touching the boobie


5. The pings

6. Forge starting to say Irilth in his RPs when he doesn't know who or what that is

7. jUsT iMpRoViSe It'S eAsY


9. Forge ruining beautiful, emotional moments with fetus kinks

10. Dark Corpse, the edgiest edgelord since edge was a thing


White cards

1. "If my irl crush doesn't work out, we can do the fuck"

2.  Apoteryx having a lizard dick even though he's a bird

3. Trying to make a character be tall and somehow everyone else's charcters are taller

4. Fucking everyone and everything because why the hell not?

5. Myth trying to be a high class bitch but being too short and chubby for it to work

6. Deciding to iniciate an ERP with an emotionally distressed character in the middle of an important plot point

7. Just Myth Things™

8. Myth being salty over things that happened before they were born

9. When Myth thought Forge was actually trying to get them to kill themself when they first met

10. RIP


White cards

1. Forge becoming Myth's sugar daddy

2. Using XD unironically

3. Getting hard at the thought of ERPs

4. Trying to understand how a dick works when you've never seen one

5. Accidentally agreeing to an ERP

6. That character that gets no development but is actually so interesting

7. The amount of orphaned OCs

8. Saying kms way too often to be healthy

9. Flashbacks of the ERPS

10. Joko? More like JOKE, OHHHHHHHHHHHH


Black cards

1. Where did all the other admins go?

2. ____ is the real reason why Yachiru doesn't visit often

3. We all know that Myth ____ everyday

4. JoJa doesn't admit this often but they really like ____

5. What is the guilty pleasure of the Czar?


7. Why has God abandoned us?

8. What is the real reason we ERP?

9. Times are rough, take the pressure off with ___.

10. Myth learning to ____ in their spare time.


Black Cards 1. Fist me _. 2. _, lmaooo. 3 It must be nice to have _ on your side. 4. JoJa: Uhh... _? 5. I want you to stick your _ in my mouth. 6. _ Cringe Compilation 2017. 7. _ is definitely me when I'm driving *Laughing til crying emoji* 8. _; end me. 9. I found _ on a 2009 emo forum. 10. Everytime I see _ I can't help but see _.

White Cards 1. Six millimeter peter 2. COCK 3. You fucking dick 4. Cunt 5. Actual suicidal thoughts 6. Moar cuddles :33 7. Rawr XD *Nuzzlez u* :33333 8. Cringe so bad you physically get sick and lose half your brain cells 9. Body swap hentai. That isn't ACTUALLY a thing, is it? 10. Ghosts cumming in your hair all the time bevause they're bored so now you have ghost jizz in your hair 11. Minion yaoi 12. Minecraft sex mods 13. Interplanetary devestation 14. Godmodding 15. Puppeteering 16. Having a dick that's longer than 2.5 inches but may not necessarily be yours 17. An intricate collection of chinese porcelain dildos 18. Eating bowls of breakfast in the morning without any milk 19. Laughing til crying emoji 20. Healthy interracial relationships 21. Daniel... Just Daniel 22. Memes 23. AMC and Unity ;)) 24. Yuri ecchi 25. Damp 26. Myth x JoJa ERP screenshots 27. Yearning for death 28. Assassin-Nun 29. GAY™ 30. Loki

I'm very tired I'm really sorry


White cards

1. Angelica

2. Lagneiac

3. Natis

4. Dark Corpse

5. Apoteryx

6. Mytherica

7. Cyrinth

8. JoJa

9. Eva

10. Evie

11. Collin

12. Callie

13. Evan

14. Luna

15. Andreamedeo

16. Amalthea

17. Ri

18. Xen

19. Nate

20. Aya

21. Vako

22. Nick

23. The Voice

24. Lucofry

25. Lora

26. Vosuja

27. Kalif

28. Atira

29. Fake Atira

30. Crimson

(I cba listing all the OCs someone continue for me pls)

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