Since we've got ourselves into a pickle with the whole chat situation, I've decided to make this forum for the RP. When we're on chat, we'll continue from there. But when we can't be on chat, we'll be continuing the RP here. So yeah, I'll make my two responses.

Anyways, the Dark Corpse had soon climbed back onto the staircase, before looking downwards towards Mytherica. "...Trust me, you don't know me at all, and not even the Gods can tell you who I am." He said in a dark tone, as he went to the top of the staircase, proceeding to wait for her.

Meanwhile, the very Arygarian God of Death, Quanzay, was conversing with JoJa. As he talked, he began to walk off slightly from that building. "So anyways... why are you out here? Aren't dwarves like yourself supposed to be in those mountains?" He asked, before looking down at him.