The day has finally come! Yes! I am now a bureaucrat on this Wiki! (I'm not the Owner though) As of now, I will be promoting some people to catch up with the Staff Issues on this Wiki. Here are the requirements for each position:

Chat Moderator: You must be trusted by myself to watch the chat, and kick/ban anybody who becomes a problem.

Rollbacker: You must be trusted by myself to look at the Wiki's pages, and rollback any bad/crappy edits that may occur.

Admin: You must be somebody that I can trust A LOT, and you must be somebody I can count on for coding the Wiki and such. Comes with Chat Mod and Rollbacker.

Bureaucrat: No. Just... no. I will not promote anybody to Bureaucrat. At the very least... not yet. If I were to promote somebody to Bureaucrat, they would be at the same rank I am.

Please comment below for questions, requests, and other things! Or you can visit the chat as well! (If you become any of the positions, NO ABUSE)

UPDATE: I am now accepting 1 more Admin, 0 Chat Mods, 1 more Rollbacker, and 0 Bureaucrats.